Bulk manufacturing

Bulk manufacturing

Manufacturing at Le-sel Research

The manufacturing process at Le-sel Research is carried out in separate product-specific areas. These are relaxers, aerosols, skin care, toiletries and bath products. Within each of these areas, different processes, specific operations and combinations are possible.

These include

  • Standard cold mixing
  • Steam heated hot mixing
  • Variable speed propeller mixing
  • Variable speed counter-rotating mixing
  • Mixing under pressure up to 100 kPa
  • Mixing under vacuum down to -50 kPa
  • Cooling and chilling within the process
  • Various filtering options during the process
  • High speed in-line homogenising

The milling and mixing of powdered products are carried out in separate facilities to ensure no cross-contamination.

Bulk Manufacturing Equipment

Both 316 and 304 grade stainless steel mixing and storage tanks are utilised in the plant.

Product packing

Product packing

Grand Central Factory

The Grand Central site has six discreet departments which focus on specific product types:

  • Cream filling – both hot and cold fill, 30ml to 1litre
  • High volume liquid based toiletries, 60ml to 300ml
  • High volume liquid based home-care, 200ml to 2litre
  • Tube filling, from 20ml to 200ml
  • Perfume filling from 10ml to 200ml
  • Liquid Detergents from 200ml to 3 litre

Packing Production Equipment

Product packing at the Grand Central site is separated into five discreet packing areas to prevent cross contamination of product types. These include:

  • Liquid lines
    • Suitable for all liquid and lotion products and low viscosity creams
  • Tube lines, including toothpaste line
    • Suitable for all lotions, creams and pastes. Designer sealing capabilities are also available
  • Ethnic and cream lines
    • Suitable for hair food and petroleum jelly products
  • Household lines
    • Suitable for all liquids and low viscosity creams and lotions
  • Perfume and kitting lines

Aerosol plant

Aerosol plant

Also known as Broadwalk Factory suitable for all water and alcohol-based liquid aerosols charged with cosmetic grade Butane Gas

  • Deodorants, Anti-Perspirant & Hairspray from 90ml to 250ml
  • Gels (Shaving & Body Wash) from 90ml to 200ml
  • Bag-on-valve / Bag-in-can from 90ml to 200ml
  • Home care (Air fresheners, Non-aggressive household) from 100ml to 250ml



Warehousing and logistics at Le-sel Research

Packing components warehouse

Le-sel Research holds packaging components and raw materials for many clients’ manufacturing needs. The packaging component warehouse is set on a massive 10 000 square meters facility that houses over 6 000 pallets of stock. The warehouse receives over 1 000 orders delivered monthly from over 200 different packaging suppliers from all over the globe. The stock is stored per client and internal storing and logistics managed by a highly skilled and experienced team of stock controllers.

Upon arrival, materials are sampled in hygienic booths and then scrutinized for any physical defects, analised appropriately for the product, and, if required, tested by our accredited laboratory before acceptance into the appointed warehouse area.

Raw Material warehouse

The raw materials are stored on our main production site within easy reach of manufacturing and dispensing departments. We receive raw materials ranging in size from 200 grams up to 30 000 kg loads. The biggest loads are delivered direct to our high volume bulk raw materials storage tanks. Raw materials are procured from all over SA and abroard if necessary. Raw materials are kept in temperature controlled and humidity monitored conditions including a 32 square meter fridge for fragrances and other materials requiring low temperature storage.

The raw materials are managed with the latest state-of-the-art barcode tracking system, which trace movements from receipt through to manufacture, always maintaining full visibility and traceability throughout the process.

Finished Goods warehouse

Finished goods are warehoused in a 1 700 square meter area awaiting dispatch to local distribution centres or directly to the clients. Very precise logistics from experienced teams make finished-goods delivery or collections happen correct, on-time and without delays. We move roughly about 200 pallets per day to clients and distribution centres and export stock to destinations such as the United States, Europe and Africa. We also work with clients who already have their own distribution chain in place and work closely with them to ensure pick-ups are scheduled and executed on time.