Le-Sel Research: A proud level 5 B-BBEEE Contributor

Black Economic Empowerment (“BEE”) aims at substantially increasing black participation at all levels in the economy. The strategy tries to redress the imbalances of the past by transferring more ownership, management and control of South Africa’s financial and economic resources to the majority of its citizens. It also aims to ensure broader and meaningful participation in the economy by people of colour.

Le-Sel Research believes that BEE is a component of the broader transformation imperative in our country. We believe that the province of a sustainable business is to understand the moment we are in, to understand the forces that shape the behaviour of our customers, and to lead our employees toward using ou resources to create sustainable value for those customers.

The company has a firm commitment to sustainable transformation.

We are verified by NERA who is SANAS accredited.

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Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

In order to achieve Le-Sel Research’s vision to strengthen our role as South Africa’s best outsource option and guarantee prosperity in all the lives we touch, we herein set out the Code of Conduct for the Business which we believe will support the achievement of this vision. Our core values of Integrity, Fun, Candour and Passion will guide our behavior and decision making.

These core values are integral to our Code of Conduct and each core value is defined as follows:

Integrity: Le-Sel Research’s Integrity is defined as our ability to live up to our promises. Whether these are promises to Clients, Employees or Suppliers, our ability to deliver on the promises we make, means that we become the partner or employer of choice in our market.

Fun: In achieving partner or employer of choice, at Le-Sel Research we set out to make the experience a pleasurable one. Whether it be client, supplier or employee, each person’s experience should provide a sense of being valued and respected and therefore enjoyable.

Candour: We believe that frank, honest and candid discussions with clients, suppliers and employees are essential to us being able to live our core values and achieve our vision and business objectives. In having these discussions, it is essential that we are frank, honest and candid with ourselves as well.

Passion: Le-Sel Research is passionate about our people, our products and our clients. Being passionate means that we constantly strive to do right by our people, produce quality products and strive to exceed our client’s expectations.

Le-Sel Code of Conduct

This code of conduct for the business has been in effect since 1 May 2014 and all employees are required to uphold this code and behave in accordance with it. In addition, suppliers are required to comply with this code of conduct and be able to demonstrate their adherence to the code if required.

  1. Governance: Le-Sel Research undertakes to operate its business in a manner which is compliant with the prevailing laws and legislation of South Africa and to ensure that suppliers they deal with operate in a similar manner.
  2. Child Labour: South African law requires that no employee be younger than fifteen years of age. Given the operating environment and with regard to child safety, it is Le-Sel Research’s practice to not employ anyone who has not reached the age of eighteen years at least. Suppliers are required to adhere to the same minimum requirement.
  3. Forced Labour: Neither Le-Sel Research nor its suppliers will use forced labour or bonded labour and where Le-Sel Research becomes aware of such practices, undertakes to report these to the appropriate authority.
  4. Discipline: The Company has a disciplinary policy and procedure which incorporates a disciplinary code which is compliant with labour law and the codes of good practice. Fundamentally, Le-Sel Research’s approach to discipline is to take corrective action to remedy conduct issues, except where such conduct constitutes a severe offence in terms of the disciplinary code. Against this background, Le-Sel Research undertakes to treat all employees and suppliers with respect and dignity and shall take active steps to ensure that all employees are protected from corporal punishment, physical, sexual, psychological or verbal harassment or abuse as defined by applicable law. Le-Sel Research further requires that suppliers adhere to this code and that monetary fine as a form of discipline may not be utilised.
  5. Hours: Le-Sel Research requires of both it’s suppliers and themselves, strict adherence to legislation with respect to hours of work, overtime and rest periods. Where additional overtime is worked, this will only occur in peak periods and against the framework of a collective agreement which has been reached and any approved exemptions which have been obtained. Peak periods of production will be agreed and will have a start and end date and will still ensure proper rest periods are observed.

    Suppliers will not require workers to work in excess of the lesser of (i) the limits on regular and
    overtime hours allowed by the law of the country where the worker is located, or (ii) 60 hours a week on a regularly scheduled basis, including overtime, and, except under extraordinary business circumstances, 72 hours a week as an absolute maximum. In addition, suppliers will ensure all workers are entitled to at least 1 day off every consecutive seven-day period, except where the supplier supplies labour, then the proper rest period of at least 36 hours will be observed.

  6. Wages/Benefits: Le-Sel Research will ensure that wages/benefits paid are in accordance with at least the legislated minimum for normal hours as well as overtime hours and undertakes to ensure that our suppliers undertake to do the same. Furthermore, all deductions made will be agreed and no deductions will be made which are illegal. No monetary fines for poor performance may be made by either Le-Sel Research or its suppliers.
  7. Discrimination: Le-Sel Research undertakes to ensure that there is no discrimination on the basis of race, gender, physical ability, sexual preference or any other personal characteristics, in any of it’s employment practices and that all appointments, promotions are made on the basis if skills and abilities.
  8. Freedom of Association/Collective Bargaining: Employees have the right to Freedom of Association and may join organizations/trade unions of their choosing. By the same token, no employee will be forced to join an organizations. Le-Sel Research requires the same of it’s suppliers and no employee of either the Company or a Supplier may be penalized or discriminated against for their association..
  9. Health and Safety: Le-Sel Research provides its employees with appropriate safety wear and provides a clean, healthy and safe environment within which to work. Le-Sel Research strives to implement best practices with regards to Health and Safety and expects it’s suppliers to do the same.
  10. Environmental Management: Le-Sel Research recognizes its responsibility to safeguard the environment and strives to implement best practices to ensure the sustainability thereof. In doing so, local environmental laws will be complied with and environmental protection policies are in place. Le-Sel Research requires the same of its suppliers.

  11. Laws and Regulations: Le-Sel Research recognizes the laws and regulations governing the operations of business within South African and ensures compliance with these.
  12. Ethical Practices: Le-Sel Research operates its business with honesty and integrity and seeks to provide an environment in which employees, suppliers as well as their clients are comfortable to report any dealings which may be considered unethical, without fear of consequence. Ethically Le-Sel Research is opposed to practice of land grabbing.
  13. Subcontractors: Le-Sel Research undertakes that unless an agreement has been reached with a client which allows this, subcontractors will not be used to produce a clients product. Where agreement to use subcontractors has been reached, Le-Sel Research undertakes to ensure that subcontractors comply with the Le-Sel Research Code of Conduct.
  14. Communication: This Code of Conduct will be communicated to all suppliers and employees and directors and senior management assume responsibility for the maintenance of this code of conduct.
  15. Monitoring and Compliance: The management who assume responsibility for each of the functional areas undertake to monitor compliance with each aspect of this code and to take action in order to ensure compliance when required. Such action may take the form of education or discipline where appropriate. The CEO assumes overall responsibility for ensuring the compliance and reports of non-compliance will maintained and will form part of the board report. This responsibility of management within each of the functional areas extends to suppliers of services for that area and Le-Sel Research may audit supplier records in order to monitor compliance.
  16. Integrity and Anti-Corruption: In accordance with the core value of integrity, Le-Sel Research undertakes to conduct its business practices with integrity and to demonstrate a high standard of business ethics. Le-Sel Research requires the same from it’s suppliers. In doing so, neither Le-Sel Research nor its suppliers will bribe any officials of any business or government or institution, nor will they partake in inappropriate gift giving or incentives, in order to achieve any business objectives.
  17. Accuracy of Business Records: Le-Sel Research undertakes that they will ensure that all records are an accurate reflection of it’s business transactions and practices and that any financial records will be kept in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.